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Title: Characteristic features in the system of hemostasis of patients with abnormal uterine bleeding at puberty
Authors: Ліпко, Оксана Петрівна
Щербіна, Ірина Миколаївна
Диннік, Олександра Олексіївна
Скорбач, Олена Іванівна
Бородай, Інна Станіславівна
Keywords: abnormal uterine bleeding
adolescent girls
the system of hemostasis
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: ХНМУ
Citation: Characteristic features in the system of hemostasis of patients with abnormal uterine bleeding at puberty / O. P. Lipko, I. N. Shcherbina, O. O. Dynnik, O. I. Skorbach, I. S. Borodai // Inter collegas. – 2015. – № 2 (3). – С. 212–218.
Abstract: The article is aimed at clarifying the features of the hemostasis system in patients with abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB) in adolescence. The features of the state of the blood coagulation system in patients with AUB which are not connected with blood diseases were identify. It was found that only in a small number of patients abnormalities in the hemostatic system do not detected. Most patients have defects in coagulation and anticoagulation systems.The greatest changes occur at the ΙΙ and ΙΙΙ phases of hemostasis. Some features, characteristic of patients from different clinical groups: dependence on the duration, the presence of concomitant somatic pathology, and the level of estrogen intenseness have been revealed in the study. With the rise in the bleeding duration the number of patients with hypercoagulation manifestations in the hemostatic system also increases. In adolescents with concomitant somatic pathology and hyperestrogenemia manifestations of increased blood coagulation have been registered more often already at the first phase of the coagulation process.
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