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Title: Methodical recommendation for the student’s self work during the preparation for practiical class
Authors: Shevchenko, O.S.
Choporova, Oleksandra
Keywords: case tuberculosis management
Issue Date: Sep-2014
Citation: Methodical recommendation for the student’s self work during the preparation for practiical class : educative discipline Internal medicine with infectional diseases and phthisiology / the authors: O. S. Shevchenko, A. I. Choporova. – Kharkiv, 2014. – 24 р.
Description: Individual approach fot patient treatment. Patient adherence to TB treatment. Monitoring the patient by health care workers: treatment of the patient on inpatient and on ambulatory regime. Standards of TB pa-tients treatment. Practical approach to Lung health (PAL). Standartisation of Clinical aid. Coordination within health care service. Differential diagnosis of dissemination, infiltrative changes, nodular and round shadows, cavitary formations in the lungs. Additional laboratory and instrumental methods of examination (rapid cultural methods of MBT reveal-ing: BACTEC, Xpert MTB/RIF, molecular based laboratory methods: Nucleic Acid Amplification (NAA) Tests, Tuberculosis serological tests, high-resolution CT of thorax cage, fiber-optic bronchoscopy with bronchial lavage sampling for microscopy and cultural investigation, Trance bronchial lung biopsy/ transthoracal needle biopsy or open punctional biopsy of lungs, thoracoscopy with biopsy of pleura (pleurocentesis) with exudate sampling for microscopy and cultural investigation). Secondary prophilaxis of tuberculosis.
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