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Title: Diagnostic Radiology
Authors: Pilipenko, Mykola Ivanovich
Vikman, Yan Eduardovich
Slabodchikov, Mykola Egorovich
Gorleku, Filip
Dedjoe, Viktor
Keywords: diagnostic radiology
imaging methods
special procedures
chest imaging
imaging of skeletal system
abdominal imaging
imaging of liver, biliary tract and pancreas
imaging of urogenital system
imaging of breast
imaging of head, neck and spine
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: KhNMU, Grigoriev's Institute of Medical Radiology
Citation: Diagnostic Radiology : textbook for medical students, residents, doctors, researches / M. I. Pilipenko, Y. E. Vikman, M. E. Slabodchikov [et al.]. – Kharkiv, 2008. – 260 p.
Abstract: Chapters from the textbook devoted to modern consepts of radiologic imaging
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chest 1.docCHEST IMAGING 14,2 MBMicrosoft WordView/Open
chest 2.docCHEST IMAGING 24,83 MBMicrosoft WordView/Open
chest 3.docCHEST IMAGING 34,33 MBMicrosoft WordView/Open
Skelet 1.docIMAGING OF SKELETAL SYSTEM 15,48 MBMicrosoft WordView/Open
Skelet 2.docIMAGING OF SKELETAL SYSTEM 23,22 MBMicrosoft WordView/Open
Abdomen_format.docABDOMINAL IMAGING4,62 MBMicrosoft WordView/Open
liver_format.docIMAGING OF LIVER, BILIARY TRACT AND PANCREAS2,12 MBMicrosoft WordView/Open
urinary_format.docIMAGING OF URINARY TRACT4,13 MBMicrosoft WordView/Open
genital_format.docIMAGING OF GENITAL TRACT AND BREAST2,76 MBMicrosoft WordView/Open
Head 1.docIMAGING OF HEAD, NECK AND SPINE 13,95 MBMicrosoft WordView/Open
Head 2.docIMAGING OF HEAD, NECK AND SPINE 24,29 MBMicrosoft WordView/Open

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