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Title: Treatment in traumatology : methodical indications for students
Other Titles: Лікування в травматології
Authors: Holka, H.H.
Іstomin, D.G.
Oliynyk, A.O.
Istomin, D.A.
Burlaka, V.V.
Harkusha, M.A.
Vesnin, V.V.
Keywords: treatment in traumatology
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: ХНМУ
Citation: Treatment in traumatology : methodical indications in discipline "Traumatology and orthopedics" for self-study of 5th year students of medical faculties / comp.: H. H. Holka, O. G. Fadeyev, A. O. Oliynyk, D. A. Istomin, V. V. Burlaka, M. A. Harkusha, V. V. Vesnin. – Kharkiv : KhNMU, 2019. – 28 p.
Abstract: Osteosynthesis is an operative joining of bone fragments in fractures and their consequences. The term is proposed by A. Lambotte in the XIX century. The aim of the operation is to eliminate the displacement of bone fragments, their stabilization for the period of consolidation, restoration of shape and function of the limb. Osteosynthesis does not accelerate fracture healing, but only optimizes the course of reparative bone regeneration. That is, the operative connection of bone fragments minimizes the incidence of disregeneration (delayed fusion and non-healing of the fracture, formation of false joints and neoarthroses). However, the rate of complications after osteosynthesis is 5–15 %.
Description: Затверджено Вченою радою ХНМУ. Протокол № 11 від 19.12.2019
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