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Название: School-age children awareness of the causes of obesity and its health related outcomes
Авторы: Chaychenko, T.V.
Gonchar, M.O.
Chumachenko, T.O.
Klymenko, V.A.
Samsonenko, T.
Kharkova, M.O.
Гончарь, M.A.
Чайченко, Т.В.
Харькова, М.О.
Ключевые слова: causes of overweight
Issue Date: 2019
Библиографическое описание: School-age children awareness of the causes of obesity and its health related outcomes / T. V. Chaychenko, M. O. Gonchar, T. O. Chumachenko, V. A. Klymenko, T. Samsonenko, M. O. Kharkova // Inter Collegas. – 2019. ‒ Vol. 6, № 1. ‒ P. 12‒15.
Аннотация: Childhood obesity is a serious medical condition affecting children and adolescents that can be prevented by life style modification. Therefore, school-age children awareness of the causes of obesity and its health related outcomes is very importan. Subjects Methods This work is a part of the complex project "Assessment of the current nutritional status, nutritionrelated health problems in school-age children in Ukraine". The total number of participants is 392 school-age children who were grouped by the age: primary school (75 children aged 6–9), secondary school (202 children aged 10–14) and high school (115 children aged 15–18). Original questionnaire was elaborated for the survey, consisting of both multiple choice questions and "open questions" that encouraged children to give their own idea with the purpose of understanding a real awareness of the problem. Answers to the open questions about the causes and effects of obesity were assessed. Results One third of respondents regardless of age (primary school, – 29.31%, secondary school – 29.21%, high school – 33.04%, p>0.05) understood that obesity can cause serious health problems and the most detrimental changes can occur in the cardiovascular system. It was established that selfcontrolled situations were named as the main causatives of the obesity by more than half of surveyed children (53.33% of primary school, 53.46% of secondary school children and 41.74% high school children, p>0.05). We established that less than 10% of children were not aware of the causes of obesity and possible outcomes. Meantime, 30% of respondents were not prone to give any answer. Conclusions: Regardless of age school-children are aware of health-related problems caused by obesity. Special education programs are necessary for all school-age children with the purpose of developing the responsibility for the health in their adult life.
URI: http://repo.knmu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/22848
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