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Title: Students knowledge control as a condition for increasing the efficiency of the educational process
Authors: Syrova, Ganna Olegivna
Petiunina, Valentina Mikolaivna
Kozub, Svitlana Mikolaivna
Lukianova, Larisa Volodimirivna
Kalinenko, Olha Sergiivna
Keywords: initial control
current control
medical chemistry
biological and bioorganic chemistry
Issue Date: 20-Sep-2018
Citation: Students knowledge control as a condition for increasing the efficiency of the educational process / G. O. Syrova, V. M. Petiunina, S. M. Kozub, L. V. Lukianova, O. S. Kalinenko // Social and Economic Aspects of Education in Modern Society : Proceedings of the VI International Scientific and Practical Conference, Poland, Warsaw, September 20, 2018 / RS Global Sp.z O.O. – Warsaw, 2018. – P. 32–34.
Abstract: This article describes the main pedagogical principles of student knowledge control. It was shown that initial control at the first practical class is an integral part of the educational process in the disciplines "Medical Chemistry" and "Bioorganic Chemistry" at the Department of Medical and Bioorganic Chemistry at the Kharkiv National Medical University. This control allows teachers to set the level of basic chemistry training for the First year students and is one of the conditions for improving the quality and effectiveness of the learning process through the existence of objective, systematic feedback between the student and the teacher as a means of managing this process. All types of control – initial, current (thematic) and final – are intended to provide the teacher and the student with objective information about the course of educational and cognitive activity. Systematic control of knowledge and skills of students – one of the main conditions for improving the quality of education.
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