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Название: Surgery
Авторы: Boyko, Valeriy Vladimirovych
Lesovoy, Vladimir Nikolaevych
Goncharenko, Ludmila Iosiphovna
Taraban, Igor Anatolievych
Krivoruchko, Igor Andreevych
Kozin, Yuriy Ivanovych
Zamyatin, Petr Nicolaevych
Grigorov, Yuriy Borisovych
Makarov, Vitaliy Vladimirovych
Prasol, Vitaliy Oleksandrovych
Groma, Vasiliy Grigorevych
Yevtushenko, Denys Oleksandrovych
Sushkov, Sergey Valentinovych
Tolstanov, Oleksandr Konstantinovich
Larin, Oleksandr Sergiyovych
Lurin, Igor Anatoliyovych
Shafranskyi, Valeriy Vladimirovych
Shcherbakov, Valeriy Ivanovych
Kuznetsov, Oleksandr Vasilovych
Smachilo, Rostislav Mihaylovych
Mizhiritskaya, Nina Feodosivna
Ponomarev, Leonid Oleksandrovich
Makeev, Sergiy Ivanovich
Minukhin, Dmitriy Valeriyovych
Goloborodko, Nikolay Nikolayovych
Dotsenko, Dmitriy Grigorevych
Smolynik, Konstantin Mikolayovych
Tokarev, Andriy Viktorovich
Avdosev, Yuriy Vladimirovych
Gorbenko, Konstantyn Vladimirovych
Tsodikov, Valentyn Vladislavovich
Chernyayev, Mikita Svyatoslavovich
Basylaishvili, Stanislav Yuriyovych
Okley, Denys Viktorovych
Ключевые слова: surgery
Issue Date: 2018
Издатель: ТОВ фірма «НТМТ»
Библиографическое описание: Surgery : Textbook for Vth year students of medical faculties. Thoracic, cardiovascular, endocrine surgery / V. V. Boyko [et al.] ; edited by V. V. Boyko, V. M. Lisovyi ; KNMU. – Kharkiv, 2017. – 400 p.
Аннотация: Ukraine’s integration into the European community dictates the need to restructure higher education in the country in this direction and teaching at universities in Ukraine according to the principles of the Bologna Declaration, which will prepare young Ukrainian professionals compete with graduates of European and other institutions of higher education. In Kharkiv National Medical University is over-passage teachers of all disciplines, including surgery, for all courses on the principles of credit-modular system of training ESTS. Starting from the IV course, students learn surgery on the new model curriculum “Surgery”, which includes 5 modules, for students in higher educational institutions III-IV of the levels of accreditation in the field of 7.110101 “Medicine”, 7.110104 “Pediatrics” and 7.110105 “Medical-prophylactic case“ (Kiev, 2008). Under the new program, students of Vth year learn surgery on the subject of the module 2, “Thoracic, cardiovascular, endocrine surgery”, consisting of two informative modules 3 and 4. The textbook combines educational materials of department, dedicated for practical training (classroom studying 7 themes № 16-22) and for self extracurricular study of 5 subjects according to the thematic plans of discipline “surgery” on the subject of Module 2. Each topic is outlined in the textbook, contains sections that correspond to professionally-oriented tasks of medical practice, approved by industry standards of Higher Education – “Educational and professional program” and “Educational qualifying characteristic” (Kiev, 2003). Highlights issues of etiology and pathogenesis, classification of disease according to ICD-10 (2001), clinical symptoms, standard regimens of additional laboratory and instrumental examination of the characteristic features of evidence-based medicine for each disease, emergency care at the prehospital stage under emergency conditions in surgical patients, justifies the choice of treatment tactics , is pathogenetically grounded conservative therapy, indications and types of surgical interventions. Considerable attention is paid to modern minimally invasive interventions — video endoscope, VATS, X-ray endovascular. For each topic listed recommended modern literature. Prepared by the teaching staff of the Department of Surgery № 1 textbook is designed to provide students the necessary teaching materials integrated in all themes of workshops and self extracurricular work that will improve the training of future doctors surgery according to the requirements of national industry standard for higher education.
URI: http://repo.knmu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/19860
ISBN: 978-617-578-116-6
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