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2016Influence of art therapy in complet treatment on the quality of remission in pationts with recurrent depressive disorderKozhyna, Hanna; Hmain, Sofia
2017The dynamics of the level of social functioning and quality of life of patients with schizophrenia as a marker of the effectiveness of psychoeducational programsKozhyna, Hanna; Markova, Mariana; Kristal, Valentin; Korovina, Lilia
2017Maladaptive reactions of internship doctors during the period of adaptation to professional activitiesKozhyna, Hanna; Vyun, Valerii
2017Experience of extending antipsychotic aid to women with epilepsy complicated by psychotic disordersKozhyna, Hanna; Strelnikova, Irina
2017The phenomenon of psychological adaptation to the professional activities of doctorsKozhyna, Hanna; Mykhaylov, Volodymyr; Viyun, Valeriy
2015Psychoeducation in psychosocial rehabilitation of patients with bipolar affective disorderKorostiy, Volodymyr; Kozhyna, Hanna; Resunenko, Andrey
2016Clinical implications of codependency as a model of health disorders associated with stress, in wives of men with alcohol dependenceKozhyna, Hanna; Korostiy, Volodymyr; Markova, Marianna
2016Clinical features of neurotic disorders in Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)Kozhyna, Hanna; Korostiy, Volodymyr; Melamud, Katerina; Platinuk, Oksana
2016Neurobiological basis of mutual influence of stress burden and alcohol addiction: Review of dataKozhyna, Hanna; Korostiy, Volodymyr; Markova, Marianna; Litvinenko, Vasiliy; Gaponov, Konstantin
2016Cognitive impairment in patients with epilepsy and effectiveness of overcoming stress behaviorKozhyna, Hanna; Korostiy, Volodymyr; Gerasimov, Bogdan