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Title: Using the method for detection correlation pleyades association between indicators of cerebrovascular disease
Authors: Vysotskaya, E.V.
Risovanaya, L.M.
Alekseenko, R.V.
Keywords: correlation pleyada
family crisis
cerebrovascular disorders
Issue Date: Jan-2017
Publisher: Харківський національний університет Повітряних Сил імені Івана Кожедуба
Citation: Vysotskaya E. V. Using the method for detection correlation pleyades association between indicators of cerebrovascular disease / E. V. Vysotskaya, L. M. Risovanaya, R. V. Alekseenko // Системи обробки інформації / Міністерство оборони України, Харківський національний університет Повітряних Сил імені Івана Кожедуба. – Харків, 2017. – Вип. 1 (147). – С. 131–135.
Abstract: In the present article, cerebrovascular pathology is characterized as a medical and social problem that occurs on a background of crisis in family relations. Using the method of correlation pleyades analyzed the link between indicators of psychological tests to detect the absence or presence of a crisis in the family. In this study, we compared groups of women living in families with a lack of crisis and families in crisis, and identified links pointing to relations between spouses, which improves the quality and timely delivery of necessary assistance in the correction of these relations. The results obtained in this study, the results show the importance of the prediction of family crisis to prevent cerebrovascular disease and may be useful for neurologists, psychotherapists and psychologists.
Description: Thus, by analyzing the correlation of the pleyades four different groups were identified the main features that influence the emergence of the crisis in family relations, which made it possible to conduct the correction of these relations and prevent the occurrence or the development of cerebrovascular disease. This study can be useful to neurologists and therapists working in neurological and psychiatric departments, as well as psychologists working with crisis families.
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