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dc.contributor.authorSvidchenko, Yu.A.-
dc.contributor.authorKamardina, E.A.-
dc.contributor.authorMiroshnikova, V.A.-
dc.identifier.citationSvidchenko Yu. A. Prolonged contraception strategies in the treatment of genital endometriosis / Yu. A. Svidchenko, E. A. Kamardina, V. A. Miroshnikova // Actual Problems Of Clinical And Theoretical Medicine : Аbstract Book Of IXth International Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference Of Young Scientists And Medical Students (Іnternational Scientific Іnderdisciplinary Сongrence – ISIC), Kharkiv, 19–20 may 2016 / KhNMU. – Kharkiv, 2016. – Р. 203.ru_RU
dc.description.abstractActuality. The problem of endometriosis remains one of the most difficult in present-date gynecology. The incidence of this pathology is high and stable comprising 5-10% of all reproductive age women and 20-30% of women with primary and secondary infertility, and has no tendency to decrease. The aim.To evaluate the efficacy of prolonged combination oral contraceptives in the treatment of genital endometriosis. Materials and methods.The study involved examination of 52 case histories of women with genital endometriosis. Of these, 27 patients were diagnosed with endometriosis of the uterus and endometriosis of the vagina, who took ""Jeanine"" as an independent method of treatment (63 days of receiving active pills followed by a seven-day break), and 25 women with endometriosis of the ovaries, endometriosis of the uterus, who took ""Jeanine"" after surgical treatment(coagulation of endometriosis foci during laparoscopy). The average age of patients was 33.2±0.7 years. The women were examined by clinical, laboratory and instrumental methods, according to the order issued by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No.626 (of 08.10.2007). Results. The study found that administration of ""Jeanine""resulted in a significant reduction in the severity of dysmenorrhea -40 women (76.9%), dyspareunia -45 women (88.8%). It also identified an increase in the quality of life and the degree of sexual satisfaction in patients. Ultrasound examination showed that 38 women (73%) had a clear tendency towards a decrease in the severity of genital endometriosis and a reduction in size of endometrioid heterotopias during the course of treatment. Side effects of the drug were observed in 10 patients (19%) -spotting blood-tinged discharge in the first three months of drug administration. Conclusion.The study revealed positive dynamics in the course of treatment by ""Jeanine"",both as an independent monomethod and as an anti-recurrence postoperative therapy.ru_RU
dc.titleProlonged contraception strategies in the treatment of genital endometriosisru_RU
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