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2019-03-14Effect of ginger-garlic mixture (organic natural spice) on the effectiveness of complex therapy in Ghanaians patients with hypertension and concomitant diabetes mellitus IIAndrusha, Alina Borisivna; Aheto, Dr George; Henry, Davis E.K.
2012Стан кісткового метаболізму при хронічному безкам'яному холециститі у хворих на артеріальну гіпертензіюПасієшвілі, Людмила Михайлівна; Андруша, Аліна Борисівна; Резуненко, Ольга Василівна; Pasiyeshvili, Ludmila; Andrusha, Alina Borisivna; Rezunenko, Olga; Пасиешвили, Людмила Михайловна; Андруша, Алина Борисовна; Резуненко, Ольга Васильевна
2019-04-18The influence of lifestyle on the onset and manifestation of gastroesophageal reflux disease in young menAndrusha, Alina Borisivna
2019-03-14Structural-functional condition of bone tissue in patients with a combined course of gout and osteoarthritisАндруша, Аліна Борисівна; Andrusha, Alina Borisivna
2018-04-18Use of various forms of pedagogic work in medical students trainingAndrusha, Alina Borisivna
2015-01-27Professional training english speaking students – future specialists of general practice – in the field of gerontologyАндруша, Алина Борисовна; Andrusha, Alina Borisivna
2020-03-12Scientific rationale for using agbo-jedi as a complex herbal remedy in NigeriaАндруша, Аліна Борисівна; Марченко, Анастасія Сергіївна; Andrusha, Alina Borisivna; Adamu, Z.; Marchenko, A.S.
2020-05-22Use of taraxacum officinale with therapy of arterial hypertension and chronic liver diseases: Jamaican Kingston Public hospital experienceAndrusha, Alina Borisivna; Nelson, Davia; Ewart-Nelson, Antoinette
2020-05The use of herb althea officinalis root in patients with copd and coexisting hypoacidic gastritisMohamad Baqer Skaini; Andrusha, Alina Borisivna
2019-01-11Peculiarities of antiosteoporotic tactics for the management of elderly patients with diabetes mellitus type 2 with concomitant sarcopenia and obesityАндруша, Аліна Борисівна; Andrusha, Alina Borisivna