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dc.contributor.authorGonchar, Margaryta-
dc.contributor.authorSenatorova, G.S.-
dc.contributor.authorLogvinova, Olga-
dc.contributor.authorBuzhinska, Nadiya-
dc.identifier.citationThe prognosis of development bronchitis obliterates by analysis c-amf/ c-gmf in sputums leucocytes / M. O. Gonchar, G. S. Senatorova, O. L. Logvinova, N. R. Buginska // Профилактическая медицина: сегодня и завтра : материалы республиканской научно-практической конференции, Андижан, 10–11 июня 2016 г. – Андижан, 2016. – С. 17.ru_RU
dc.description.abstractRole c-AMF/ c-GMF in children’s respiratory diseases are examining now. Is funded some works of acting medicines on syntheses monophosphats by leucocytes. Purpose. Improving the efficiency of the prognosis of development bronchitis obliterates by analysis c-AMF/ c-GMF in sputum’s leucocytes. Patients and methods. Electrophoresis conducted with ELISA to determine the performance of c-AMF/ c-GMF serum in 72 children with bronchitis obliterates. Results. Found that children with a bronchitis obliterates characterized by reduced levels c-AMF (19,7 [15,5; 25,6] pmol/ml) and increased levels c-GMF (21,6 [16,2; 27,9] pmol/ml), which is an indicator of prolong fibrosis of bronchioles. c-AMF/ c-GMF was increase (1,02±0,127 U). High level of c-GMF is an early marker of interstitial prediction of a pure prognosis and lung hypertension (Wilks' lambda - 0,926 F(1,19)=15,49; р=0,0001). Conclusion. The level of c-GMF is possible to predict the absence of positive dynamics to reduce the severity of the bronchitis obliterates and lung hypertension.ru_RU
dc.titleThe prognosis of development bronchitis obliterates by analysis c-amf/ c-gmf in sputums leucocytesru_RU
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