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dc.contributor.authorYevtushenko, Iryna Yakovlivna-
dc.identifier.citationYevtushenko I. Y. Dynamics of change in volume of renal calyces of mature and elderly people in different age groups / I. Y. Yevtushenko // Vəli Yusif Oğlu Axundovun : 100 illik yubileyinə həsr həsr edilmiş elmi-praktik konfransın tezislər / Azərbaycan Respublikası Səhiyyə Nazirliyi, Respublika Dövlət Elmi Tibb Kitabxanası ; elmi redaktor N. M. Kamilova, redaktor müavini Y. U. Pirəliyeva, tərtibçi K. R. Rəsulova. – Baki, 2016. – S. 182–183.ru_RU
dc.description.abstractOn the basis of the linear morphometric characteristics of 175 human kidneys we studied volumes of renal calyces in age aspect, which is the morphological basis for percutaneous renal puncture and extracorporeal lithotripsy as well as for evaluation the degree of morphological changes in hydronephrosis that meets the requirements of modern urology. Age-specific analysis of the material indicates a decrease in the total volume of renal cups with 183 age, and this largely occurs due to renal calyces with largest volume: upper (I, volume decreases by 2 times) and lower (S, the volume decreases by 3 times). From volume-component study of renal calyces based on organometric analysis we developed a classification of human renal calyces by volume characteristics and the dynamics of age-specific changes in volume.ru_RU
dc.subjectrenal calycesru_RU
dc.titleDynamics of change in volume of renal calyces of mature and elderly people in different age groupsru_RU
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