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Title: Evaluating of the intellectual quality coefficient of young adults with various types of functional asymmetry
Authors: Vasylieva, O.
Bulynina, O.
Keywords: intellectual quality
young adults
functional asymmetry
Issue Date: 29-Jul-2016
Citation: Vasylieva O. Evaluating of the intellectual quality coefficient of young adults with various types of functional asymmetry / O. Vasylieva, O. Bulynina // Physiology 2016 : Abstracts Joint Meeting of the American Physiological Society and The Physiological Society, Dublin, 29–31 July 2016. – Dublin, 2016. – Р. 332.
Abstract: In these days due to the development of brand new information technologies number, strength and impact of both biological and social factors on the human body are increasing. However an increasing intellectual intensity has influence not only on the development of cognition but also on the emotional and volitional sphere, it affects motivation and needs of a person. Cognitive abilities of a person determine his learning ability and memory. There is a positive relationship between the level of intelligence and information processing speed, specified by one or more genes, which approximate position is set in the chromosomes.
Description: 1. Young adults with LTFA demonstrate high physical endurance. 2. People with MTFA has the most significantly increasing quality of intellectual activity under the effect of physical exercises. People with RTFA shows the lowest quality. 3. Individuals quickly demonstrate the strong adaptive reaction as a result of the dominating excitative process. However, the vegetal “price” of such adaptation combined with high anxiety and aggression is too high, which rapidly exhausts the adaptive resources of the human body.
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