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Title: Cerebral hemodynamics in newborns with seizures
Authors: Gonchar, Margarita
Teslenko, Tatyana
Boichenko, Alena
Kondratova, Irina
Keywords: newborns
cerebral hemodynamics
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Сerebral hemodynamics in newborns with seizures / M. Gonchar, T. Teslenko, A. Boichenko, I. Kondratova // Inter Collegas. – 2016. – Vol. 3, No 2. – P. 92–94.
Abstract: The research deals with cerebral hemodynamics in newborns with seizures. The study involved examination (including Doppler neurosonography of cerebral vessels and amplitude-integrated electroencephalography) of 56 infants undergoing neonatal intensive care. The study showed that 37.5% of neonates had convulsions (including 17.9% with atypical subclinical seizures). Disorders of cerebral hemodynamics in neonates with seizures were characterized by hyperperfusion in 52.4% and hypoperfusion in 33.3% of infants.
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