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Title: The questions of a chronic pancreatitis pathogenesis and its complications
Authors: Kryvoruchko, I.A.
Goncharova, N.M.
Tonkoglas, O.A.
Keywords: pancreatic pseudocyst
matrix metaloproteinaze pathogenesis
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Krivoruchko I. A. The questions of a chronic pancreatitis pathogenesis and its complications / I. A. Krivoruchko, N. N. Goncharova, A. A. Tonkoglas // Inter collegas. – 2015. – № 1 (2). – Р. 77–94.
Abstract: Biochemical studies were performed in 47 patients with pancreatic pseudocysts, aged 4.,58 ± 7.38 years, male / female ratio of 8.4: 1. AH patients were operated on. Studies have shown that the level of IL-18 was higher in patients with type I pseudocysts 1.9 times with type II -1.2 times and type III -1.3 times compared with the control. Such a tendency was noted for IL-6 and IL-8 against increase of IL- 10 in a 27.4-fold, respectively (I pancreatic pseudocysts type), 28.1 times (II pancreatic pseudocysts type) and 21.4 fold with III type of pancreatic pseudocysts. The content of IL-18 and glutathione peroxidase in blood in different types of pancreatic pseudocysts directly correlates with the severity of pancreatitis. We found a close correlation between the level of IL-18 and glutathione content in blood at an unfavorable prognosis of postoperative period. All patients had development of endothelial dysfunction and endothelial damage, as svidetestvovalo a significant increase in plasma VEGF respectively 176.4% (I type pseudocysts), 129.2%) (II type pseudocysts) and 54.2%> (III type pseudocysts) relative to the control. These data suggest that this creates favorable conditions for the remodeling of the pancreas when the defect replaced cloth with lower levels of the organization, such as scar and repeated cell injury leads to greater activation of PSCs and increased production of extracellular matrix components.
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