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Title: Diagnostics and treatment issues of the Ollier disease in clinical practice
Authors: Молотягін, Дмитро Геннадійович
Кудрик, Олена Андріївна
Molotyagin, D.G.
Kudryk, O.A.
Keywords: chondrogenic tumors
Ollier disease
Issue Date: 9-Mar-2016
Citation: Molotyagin D. Diagnostics and treatment issues of the Ollier disease in clinical practice / D. Molotyagin, O. Kudryk // Біль. Суглоби. Хребет. – 2016. – № 1 (21) : Захворювання кісток і суглобів та вік : II міжнародний симпозіум, Львів, 9–11 березня 2016 р. : тези доповідей. – С. 79.
Abstract: Chondrogenic tumors, including chondromas and osteochondromas, are among the majority of the tumors and tumor-like conditions that affect the osseous system. Chondromatosis of the osseous tissue manifests in the evolving malformation of bones which results in falling off of the quality of life (QOL) and to the rise of the rate of patients’ disability. One of the similar diseases is the Ollier disease. It is a congenital disorder characterized by a unilateral affection of ossa, by shortening and thickening of extremities, change in the manner of walking and lameness. Besides, recurrent irregularly shaped pelvis bones and scoliosis are its frequent characteristics. Therefore, the discussed above field of medical investigation is challenging and showing promise and potential, taking into consideration the low-frequency of the disease in clinical practice, the complexity of diagnostic investigation, absence of a strategy in case management, low effectiveness of conservative therapy. Besides, there is no unique specialists’ opinion as to performing of a surgical correction.
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