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Title: Complex therapy of people with psoriasis using phototherapy
Authors: Дащук, Андрей Михайлович
Пустовая, Наталья Александровна
Добржанская, Евгения Игоревна
Почернина, Валерия Вадимовна
Dashchuk, Andrii
Pustovaya, N.A.
Dobrzhanska, Yevgeniya
Pochernina, V.V.
Keywords: psoriasis
phototherapy narrowband 311 nm
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Dashchuk A. M. Complex therapy of people with psoriasis using phototherapy / A. M. Dashchuk, N. A. Pustovaya, Ye. I. Dobrzhanskaya, V. V. Pochernina // American Scientific Journal. – 2016. – № 1 (1), Vol. 2. – P. 59–61.
Abstract: Aim - to study the effectiveness and safety of 311 nm narrowband phototherapy in the treatment of psoriasis. Materials and methods. 20 patients with psoriasis: 18 (90%) patients with psoriasis vulgaris, 2 (10%) - with psoriasis of the palm and soles, distributed into 2 groups (control and studied). Group 1 patients (studied) - 10 patients with psoriasis who underwent treatment by means of basic therapy and phototherapy. Results and discussion. During the study, all participants were conducted following diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Phototherapy patients spent only one group. Patients 1 and 2 groups administered basic therapy: magnesium sulfate, asparcam, fenkarol, pyridoxine hydrochloride, cyanocobalamin, topicaly – keratolytic ointment. Diagnostic manipulation - examination of patients, determining PASI-index. Clinical recovery in group 1 patients observed in 8 (80%) patients and a significant improvement in 2 (20%) patients (PASI reduction was 65-80%). Clinical recovery in group 2 patients was observed in 6 (60%) patients (PASI reduction was 75%), a significant improvement - in 3 (30%) patients (PASI reduction of 52%), a slight improvement in 1 (10%). Conclusions. Results of treatment showed that the therapeutic efficacy in patients with psoriasis who received basic treatment and phototherapy is higher than in patients who received only basic therapy. The advantage of 311 nm narrowband phototherapy is good tolerability, no side effects, minimal risk of carcinogenesis due to the relatively low total dose of radiation.
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