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Title: Immune response and malaria
Authors: Muppala, Pooja
Harsha, Vardhini N.
Karmazina, I.S.
Isaeva, I.N.
Keywords: Malaria
Issue Date: 18-May-2016
Publisher: Харківський Національний Медичний Університет
Citation: Immune response and malaria / Muppala Pooja, N. Harsha Vardhini, I. S. Karmazina, I. N. Isaeva // Фізіологія медицині, фармації та педагогіці: «Актуальні проблеми та сучасні досягнення» : тези доповідей ІII Всеукраїнської студентської наукової конференції з фізіології з міжнародною участю, Харків, 18 травня 2016 р. – Харків, 2016. – С. 11–12.
Abstract: Malaria, the disease as old as humanity itself, and often called as the ‘King of Diseases’, continues to haunt and taunt mankind. Known since millennia, malaria has played a major role in the history of mankind and it is often said that but for malaria, the history and geographical demarcations of our planet would have been different from what we have today.
Description: Malaria obviously has a devastating socio-economic impact on affected countries, the majority of which are developing, poor, and located in the tropics. Such is the effect that the cost of control measures is worthwhile, considering the disability, mortality, economic loss and industrial inefficiency the afflicted population and the country faces. It is a disease that can be treated in just 48 hours, yet it can cause fatal complications if the diagnosis and treatment are delayed. Despite centuries of efforts, malaria continues to infect millions and kill thousands.
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