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Название: Peculiarities of the cerebellum nuclei in aged persons
Авторы: Шиян, Д.Н.
Галата, Д.И.
Потапов, С.Н.
Гаргин, В.В.
Shyian, D.
Galata, D.
Potapov, S.
Gargin, V.
Ключевые слова: nucleus
the cerebellum
aged person
Issue Date: Jun-2016
Библиографическое описание: Peculiarities of the cerebellum nuclei in aged persons / D. Shyian, D. Galata, S. Potapov, V. Gargin // Georgian medical news. – 2016. – № 4 (253). – С. 110–115.
Аннотация: The study of the clinical anatomy and functional features of the cortex, subcortical and conductive pathways of the cerebellum is necessary for clinicians for elaboration rational surgical approaches to these formations, for determination the localization of pathological processes associated with these formations. Cerebellar nucleus neurons are crucial to the olivo-cerebellar circuit as they provide the sole output of the entire cerebellum. The relationship between mobility and cognition in aging is well established, but the relationship between mobility and the structure and function of the aging brain is relatively unknown. In connection with the above, the purpose of our study was detection of the morphological characteristics of the cerebellum nuclei in aged persons. Study was performed on 48 specimens of the cerebellum from people (24 male and 24 female), who died at the age from 75 to 99 years due to diseases, which were not related to the central nervous system damaging. Formalin-fixed human hemispheres were dissected with the Ludwig and Klingler fiber dissection technique under x6 to x40 magnifications of binocular microscope Olympus BX41 (Japan). The morphological features of the human cerebellar nuclei were established. Namely, on the series of sections of the cerebellum in the horizontal, frontal and sagittal planes, as well as on the macro-microscopic preparations of the cerebellar nuclei location, their relative position, shape, linear dimensions, weight and volume were described. The features of macro-microscopic and histological structure of the nuclei of the cerebellum were made own classification of the gyri and teeth of the dentate nucleus of the cerebellum was offered. Macro-microscopic dissection of persons died after 75 years old show no significant variability of linear dimensions of cerebellar nuclei with their specific location and options. Simultaneously, reliable reducing of cellular density was detected for Purkinje, granule and basket neurons more pronounced in male for Purkinje cells.
URI: http://repo.knmu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/13378
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