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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Identification and assessment of risk factors role in myocardial infarction developmentOgnev, Victor A.; Podpriadova, Anna A.; Lisova, Anna V.
2014Identification of apolipoprotein A1 in the blood serum of patients with chronic hepatitis CMinakova, S.A.; Solomennik, A.O.; Bondar, A.E.; Mogilenets, O.Ye.; Yurko, K.V.; Vinokurova, O.M.
2013-12Identification of Bleeding Sources During Removal of Inferior Vena Cava Tumor Thrombi: Multidetector Computed Tomography StudyShchukin, Dmytro V.; Altukhov, Oleksiy O.; Lisova, Ganna V.; Ilyukhin, Yuriy A
2018Identifition of the relationship state in families by means of "My family" - drawing technique depending on the child genderZelenska, K.; Kraskovska, T.
2015-11IL-10 serum activity in patients with obesity associated arterial hypertension depend on bronchial obstruction presenceAltayev, Merdan; Sytnyk, Kseniia
2018IL-18 and IL-10 in patients with occupational COPD, depending on the presence or absence of hypertensionMelenevych, Anastasiya Yaroslavivna
2013IL-1β та ФНП-α в індукованому мокротинні у дітей із бронхолегеневою дисплазієюЧерненко, Лариса Миколаївна
2015-11-25Il-6 serum activity in patients with obesityassociated arterial hypertension depend on bronchial obstruction presenceAmanov, Begench; Sytnyk, Kseniia
2017-04-26Illustrative material as a component of training and methodological support of the discipline "Ukrainian language" in preparation of foreign citizensНестеренко, Анастасія Костянтинівна
2017Imbalance of adipocytokins in patients with combined non-alcoholic fatty liver of liver disease and diabetes mellitus 2 typeBilovol, Oleksandr; Bobronnikova, Lesya
2017Imbalance of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines in community-acquired pneumonia of children with different levels of physical development.Borodina, O.S.; Frolova, T.V.
2012-11-28Immune (lymphoid) system & Endocrine system: Lecture for dentistry studentsШестітко, Ірина Іванівна; Шеститко, Ирина Ивановна; Shestitko, Irene
2016-04-21Immune aspects of right heart remodeling in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and arterial hypertensionДєлєвська, Валентина Юріївна; Dielievska, V. Yu
2014Immune features in children with bronchitisLupaltsova, Olga
2014-04Immune functional relationships in children with bronchitisLupaltsova, Olga Sergeevna
2019Immune histochemical study of KI-67 level and ribonucleic acid in the process of healing of burn wounds after treatment with drugs containing dexpanthenol and ceramideButko, Yaroslava; Tkachova, Oksana; Ulanova, Vera; Müge Şahin, Yeşim; Levashova, Olha; Tishakova, Tetyana
2011Immune inflammation in patients with chronic heart failure and kidney dysfunctionMykhilova, Iuliia Oleksandrivna
2015-05-14Immune inflammation, renal function in chronic heart failure and chronic heart failure accompanied by chronic kidney diseaseЗолотайкіна, Вікторія Ігорівна; Петюнін, Павло Олексійович; Petiunin, P.O.; Zolotaikina, V.I.
2016-05-18Immune response and malariaMuppala, Pooja; Harsha, Vardhini N.; Karmazina, I.S.; Isaeva, I.N.
2018-02-27Immune response of children with Escherichiosis infected with Epstein-Barr virusOlkhovsky, Yegen Sergiyovich