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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019D-дефіцитний рахіт дитини раннього віку (клінічний випадок)Рибка, О.; Харькова, М.; Лазарєва, О.; Хаустов, Д.
2018Decision Making Theory for Doctors Training at Medical Universities: Textbook for students of medical universitiesRadzishevska, Yevheniia Borisovna; Vysotska, Olena Volodymyrivna; Solodovnikov, Andrey Sergeevich
2019-01-05Decision-making in medicine : Lecture 3Batyuk, L.V.; Knigavko, V.G.; Chovpan, G.O.
2019Decline of Trutovsky’s Clinic: the Role of a Manager in a Functioning of the Early 20th Century Private Medical InstitutionАльков, Володимир Андрійович
2017Declining quality of removable dentures at the stages of the clinical usingKovalenko, G.A.
2017Deep sliding systematic palpation of the abdomen : mеthodical instruction for studentsAshcheulova, Tetyana; Kovalyova, Olga; Kozhemiaka, Ganna; Ащеулова, Тетяна Вадимівна; Ковальова, Ольга Миколаївна; Кожем'яка, Ганна Вадимівна; Ащеулова, Татьяна Вадимовна; Ковалева, Ольга Николаевна; Кожемяка, Анна Вадимовна
2017-01-16Defeat of pancreas in patients with type 2 Diabetes mellitusPtushchenko, Natalia Yuriivna
2015Defficulty extracting of impected and dystopic teeth on the upper jawZotov, D.E.
2019Definition of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) Stage by Independent Noninvasive Fibrosis Markers and ElastographySinaiko, V.; Lavrynenko, O.; Zemlianitsyna, O.; Kravchun, N.; Dunaeva, I.; Karachentsev, Iu.; Defronzo, Ralph A.; Cersosimo, E.
2018Definition of the anatomical norm of human buildingVovk, Yuriy Mykolayovych; Vovk, Oleg Yuriyovych; Malakhov, Stanislav Serhiyovich
2019Deforming arthrosis : methodical instructionsГолка, Григорий Григорьевич; Гаркуша, Максим Анатольевич; Фадеев, Олег Геннадиевич; Holka, H. H.; Harkusha, M.A.; Fadeyev, O.G.; Oliynyk, A.O.; Istomin, D.A.; Burlaka, V.V.
2012DegenerationСорокина, Ирина Викторовна
2018Degree of probability the expert's conclusions in cases of forensic-medical examinations of corpses persons which died from overcooling organismPerepelytsia, Dina; Leshuk, Irina
2014Dementia and depression in elderly patients - differential diagnosis and comorbidityKorostiy, Vladimir Ivanovich; Dubenko, Andrey Evgenievich
2012Demography & Health Care in the Kingdom of BahrainAlmansoor, Abdulkarim; Abdulla, Manar; Чумак, Любов Ігорівна; Chumak, Luybov
2014Dental care habits and oral hygiene knowledge in tinegers and in young people of Ukraine: results from a self-report cohort studyNazaryan, Rosana; Kryvenko, Ludmila
2018Dental radiologyПилипенко, Микола Іванович; Pilipenko, Mykola
2014-09Dental status of patients during the supportive care at antineoplastic chemotherapy for breast cancerSukhina, Iryna
2019-10Dental status study of the foreign students corresponding with the course of dental diseases prevention conducted them in childhoodFomenko, Y.V.; Golik, N.V.; Lilian, K.R.; Edmondson, J.O.
2017-04Dental supportive care in breast cancer patients during adjuvant chemotherapySukhina, Iryna; Sokolova, Iryna