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2014Are present the local palliative care protocol for children in institutions?Riga, Olena; Marabyan, Roman; Penkov, Andriy; Gavrysh, Tetyana; Konovalova, Natalia; Kizenko, Olena
2011Birth Trauma. AsphyxiaRiga, Olena
2013Comparison of fetal development in bichorionic biamniotic twinsRiga, Olena; Senatorova, Anastasiya; Boychenko, Alena
2014Creation of Follow-up System in Ukraine in Frame of National Project “New Life New Quality of Maternity and Childhood ProtectionRiga, Olena; Znamenska, Tetyana; Kurilina, Tetyana; Penkov, Andriy
2015-10-01Critical NeonateGonchar, Margaryta; Riga, Olena
2013Diabetes Mellitus in Children 1Riga, Olena
2013Diabetes Mellitus in Children 2Riga, Olena
2017-07-16Diagnostic criteria of hemodynamically significant patent ductus arteriosus in preterm newbornsGonchar, Margaryta; Boichenko, Alona; Kondratova, Irina; Riga, Olena; Komova, Victoria
2013Fetal haemodinamic and neonatal cerebral circulation in maternal threatened preterm laborgRiga, Olena; Senatorova, Anastasiya; Boychenko, Alena; Kondratova, Iryna; Vasilyeva, Iryna
2015-09-17Follow up of high risk group neonates in different regions of UkraineRiga, Olena; Znamenska, Tetyana; Kurilina, Tetyana; Senatorova, Ganna; Mavropulo, Tetyana; Gordienko, Iryna; Zbrozhyk, Ievgenia; Pavlishin, Halyna
2015-09-16Follow-up of High Risk Group Neonates in Ukraine: Features of Guidance to Early Intervention ServicesRiga, Olena; Znamenska, Tetyana; Kurilina, Tetyana; Senatorova, Ganna; Gordienko, Iryna; Zbrozhyk, Ievgenia
2015-01-20Follow-up of high risk neonate and Ukrainian National Project “New life: New quality of maternity and childhood protection”Riga, Olena; Znamenska, Tetyana; Kurilina, Tetyana; Senatorova, Ganna; Penkov, Andriy; Gordienko, Iryna; Zbrozhyk, Ievgenia; Kovalova, Olena
2014Follow-up of Preterm and Term Infants up to Two Years in Kharkiv Regional Perinatal CenterRiga, Olena; Znamenska, Tetyana; Kurilina, Tetyana; Senatorova, Ganna; Kondratova, Iryna; Gordiienko, Iryna; Kukuruza, Ganna
2013Follow-up of Very Low Birth Weight Infants and Infants with Fetal Alcohol SyndromeRiga, Olena; Gordiienko, Iryna; Konovalova, Natalya; Khotsenko, Ganna
2014Improving quality of care and rehabilitation of children with high perinatal riskSenatorova, Ganna; Riga, Olena; Znamenska, Tetyana; Kurilina, Tetyana; Gordiienko, Iryna; Konovalova, Natalia; Kondratova, Iryna; Kukuruza, Ganna; Penkov, Andriy; Komova, Viktoriya
2016-10-21Outcomes And Need Of Palliative Care For Children With Paralitics SyndromeRiga, Olena; Znamenska, Tatyana; Gonchar, Margarita; Kutilina, Tatyana; Konovalova, Natalya
2015Quality of life and health factors among women of reproductive age in UkraineSenatorova, Ganna; Riga, Olena; Gonchar, Margaryta; Kondratova, Iryna; Boychenko, Alena; Senatorova, Anastasiya; Teslenko, Tetyana; Komova, Viktoriya
2014The Hemodynamic of Bichorionic Biamniotic Twins in Early Neonatal PeriodRiga, Olena; Gonchar, Margaryta; Senatorova, Anastasiya; Boychenko, Alyona; Vasilyeva, Iryna
2010Thyroid Gland Diseases in ChildrenRiga, Olena