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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-03-06Alice A. Bailey About Racial And National DiseasesMartynenko, Nataliya
2018-04-27Contribution of Mykola Pyrohov to the Contemporary Medicine and ScienceMartynenko, Nataliya; Andriuschenko, Anna
2017-04-21Gender aspects of human behaviour in conflict situationsМартиненко, Наталія Миколаївна; Martynenko, Nataliya
2019-12Historical Experience of Combating Alcoholism in SwedenMartynenko, Nataliya; Tewolde, Vincent
2017History of Ukraine and Ukrainian cultureMartynenko, Nataliya; Robak, Igor
2015History of Ukrainian CultureMartynenko, Nataliya; Demochko, Anna
2014History of ukrainian cultureMartynenko, Nataliya
2015History of Ukrainian CultureMartynenko, Nataliya
2016History of Ukrainian Culture. Guidelines for practical lessonsMartynenko, Nataliya; Trotsenko, Oleksiy
2019-12Hppocrates of the ScythiansMartynenko, Nataliya
2014-02-21Humanities for medical studentsAlexeenko, Alla Petrivna; Martynenko, Nataliya
2018Innovations in Social Health InsuranceKaminska, Tetyana; Martynenko, Nataliya
2018-03-29Life of professor Leopold Girshman as an example of devoted service to medicineMartynenko, Nataliya; Aslanova, Bakhar Rasim kyzy
2012Main philosophical points of future world in the works of alice A. BaileyMartynenko, Nataliya
2020-09-22Market of Medical Services in Ukraine: Process of Formation and Regularities of Its DevelopmentKaminska, Tetyana; Martynenko, Nataliya
2018-05-27Maternity and Paternity as a Mature Forms of SpiritualityMartynenko, Nataliya
2018-10-24Medical Reform and Contradictions of Financial ManagementKaminska, Tetyana; Martynenko, Nataliya
2020-11-05Medicine of Ancient IndiaMartynenko, Nataliya; Mohanty, Tanmaya
2020Model of management by the quality of life of obese childrenPomogaybo, Kateryna; Martynenko, Nataliya; Usenko, Svitlana
2020-05-06Model of Management by the Quality of Life of Obese ChildrenMartynenko, Nataliya; Pomogaybo, Kateryna; Usenko, Svitlana