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2016Clinical implications of codependency as a model of health disorders associated with stress, in wives of men with alcohol dependenceKozhyna, Hanna; Korostiy, Volodymyr; Markova, Marianna
2017Contents and efficiency measures of psychoeducation in rehabilitation system of patients with bipolar affective disorderКожина, Ганна Михайлівна; Маркова, Марьяна Владиславівна; Резуненко, Олег Юрійович; Rezunenko, Oleg; Kozhyna, Hanna; Markova, Marianna
2018-03Efficiency of art therapy in the rehabilitation system schizophrenic patientsKozhyna, Hаnna; Krystal, Aleksandr; Mykhaylov, Vladimir; Markova, Marianna; Gajchyk, Larisa
2015Medical and psychological support of hiv-infected partner pairsMarkova, Marianna; Kozhyna, Hanna; Gabrel, Roman; Sukhoivanova, Olena
2016Neurobiological basis of mutual influence of stress burden and alcohol addiction: Review of dataKozhyna, Hanna; Korostiy, Volodymyr; Markova, Marianna; Litvinenko, Vasiliy; Gaponov, Konstantin
2016Psychoeducation in multiprofessional psychiatric careKozhyna, Hanna; Korostiy, Volodymyr; Markova, Marianna; Sukhaoivanova, Olena
2015Psychoprophylactic and correction autoagressive manifestations in adolescents with behavioral and emotional disordersMarkova, Marianna; Kozhyna, Hanna; Krishtal, Eugene; Pohorilko, Oleg
2015The system of medical and psychological support of adolescents with obesityMarkova, Marianna; Kozhyna, Hanna; Belyaeva, Helena; Sukhoivanova, Olena