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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-05-17Approach to English-medium at-risk students at the department of human anatomy: the search for effective forms and mechanismsVovk, Oleg; Avilova, Olga
2018-10-19Experience of using simulation-based medical training in Kharkiv National Medical UniversityErokhina, Viktoriya; Avilova, Olga
2017-09-27Histopathology of the spleen due to exposure of polyethers in experimental studyAvilova, Olga
2018-10-19Internationalization of the Ukrainian higher education: problems and prospectsErokhina, Viktoriya; Avilova, Olga
2020-04Microscopic features of the rat thymus and spleen under the impact of xenobioticsAvilova, Olga
2018-05-24Microscopic features of the spleen under the impact of xenobioticsAvilova, Olga; John, Chris Mathew
2017-12Morphometric features of the thymus structure due to the influence of xenobioticsShyian, Denis; Avilova, Olga
2019-06Organometric changes in thymus under the influence of propylene glycolShyian, Denys; Avilova, Olga; Bondareva, Alla; Prykhodko, Olha
2020-01-20Organometric changes of rat's thymus after influence of propylene glycolIshan, Verma; Avilova, Olga
2019-09Organometric changes of rats thymus after xenobiotics exposureShyian, Denys; Avilova, Olga; Ladnaya, Irina
2020-01-20Osteogenesis imperfecta: wide range of presentationArjun, Batish; Avilova, Olga
2019-06Ultramicroscopic changes in the parathyroid glands and thymus after immunostimulation in ratsAvilova, Olga; Erokhina, Viktoriya
2019-03Ultramicroscopic changes of rats parathyroid glands and thymus after single administration of cyclophosphamide at the different periiods of observationErokhina, Viktoria; Avilova, Olga
2018-06Ultrastructural changes in the organs of the immune system under the influence of xenobioticsAvilova, Olga; Shyian, Denis; Marakushin, Dmytro; Erokhina, Viktoriya; Gargin, Vitaliy