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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Application of chest X-ray in pulmonologyPraharaj, Pooja; Pytetska, Natalya
2014Application of polysomnography in diagnosis of the sleep disordersMbabazi, Solomon; Pytetska, Natalya
2014Application of pulmonary plethysmography to estimate of total lung capacityEzepue, Sandra A.; Pytetska, Natalya
2014Application of scintigraphy in pulmonologyElhaj, Abeer; Pytetska, Natalya
2014Application of spirometry for early diagnosis of bronchopulmonary diseasesAzode, Christine O.; Pytetska, Natalya
2014Application of spirometry in pulmonilogy and its diagnostic valueAdeleke, Ayanfeoluwa; Pytetska, Natalya
2014Application of tracheoscopy in pulmonology practice. The basic principles of the methodNaluzze, Doreen M.; Pytetska, Natalya
2015Bioethics of abortionReda, Ali; Pytetska, Natalya
2014Bronchial thermoplasty – the modern method of treatment of bronchial asthmaNkan, Idiongo E.; Pytetska, Natalya
2014Bronchoalveolar lavagePius, Anmalugsi; Pytetska, Natalya
2014Bronchoalveolar lavage. basic aspects and diagnostic valueEwere, Stephanie Nwaedozie; Pytetska, Natalya
2014Emerging roles for transthoracic ultrasonography in pulmonary diseasesBoateng, Isaac; Pytetska, Natalya
2015Euthanasia: country that is legal and illegalOmeiri, Jamal; Pytetska, Natalya
2014Examination technique in pulmonology. SpirometryTakhi, Komal; Pytetska, Natalya
2015Features of burnout among medical studentsPytetska, Natalya
2015History of the chemical warfareZein Eddine, Mhammad; Pytetska, Natalya
2013Immunoinflammation markers in hypertensive women in dependence on a type of a left ventricular remodellingPytetska, Natalya
2012Inflammation markers in hypertensive women with metabolic syndromePytetska, Natalya; Kovalyova, Olga
2014Metabolic disorders in men with arterial hypertensionPytetska, Natalya
2014Modern examination methods in pulmonologyAbdi Hassan, Khalid; Pytetska, Natalya