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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-03-31Ethical issues in organ transplantationAhmad, Dally; Nadim, Kays; Ivanchenko, Svetlana; Ashcheulova, Tetyana
2015-03-31Ethical problems of medical genetics.Mahmoud, Ftouni; Oussama, Ayad; Ivanchenko, Svetlana; Ashcheulova, Tetyana
2015-03-31“Good clinical practice” as a quality standard for research involving human subjects.Azode, Onyinyechi; Doreen, Naluzze; Ivanchenko, Svetlana
2018-09-27Holter Monitoring Parameters in Assessment of Cardiovascular Risk in Patients with Hypertension and ObesityIvanchenko, Svetlana; Pasiieshvili, Tamara; Kovalyova, Olga
2015-03-31Implementation of bioethics principles in clinical practice.Obiana, Somtochukwu; Ivanchenko, Svetlana
2015-03-31Medical genetics: problems and prospects.Henry, Ike; Theopilus, Dummene; Ivanchenko, Svetlana; Ashcheulova, Tetyana
2015-03-31Medical moral and social problems of human cloning.Wesam, Safory; Ahmad, Fuad; Ivanchenko, Svetlana; Kovalyova, Olga
2015-11-12Modern methods of diagnosing coronary heart diseaseAlbab Farqad Yousif; Ivanchenko, Svetlana; Ashcheulova, Tetyana
2018-10Parameters of daily blood pressure monitoring and serum levels of chemerin and nesfatin-1 in hypertensive patients with obesityIvanchenko, Svetlana
2015-05Prevention as the basis of medicineAbeer, Elhaj; Akewusola, Nimat Adeola; Doreen, Naluzze; Ivanchenko, Svetlana
2018-09-26Serum chemerin and renal dysfunction in hypertensive patients with obesityIvanchenko, Svetlana; Honchar, Aleksey; Kovalyova, Olga
2015-11-12The relevance of the main methods of examination of the patient in modern medical practice.Maher Mounir Zakaria; Ivanchenko, Svetlana; Kovalyova, Olga
2015-03-31The role of the main principles of bioethics in medical practice.Nkan Idiongo Eno; Ezepue Sandra Adaese; Ivanchenko, Svetlana